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The European Federation for Creative Economy (Creative FED) is a non-profit advocacy organisation representing the European creative industries and its sector organisations. It has succeeded the ECBN and is composed of more than 200 organisations from over 45 countries, representing supporters in more than 136 regions and metropolitan areas. Its supporters consist of policy makers, educational organisations, companies, and researchers, and sectorial network organisations. The Creative FED is active across the whole ecosystem with its 14 creative sectors and industries defined by the European Union1.


Our vision is an European creative economy that is globally recognised as a transformative force in the realisation of a more inclusive, sustainable and optimistic Europe. The European Federation for Creative Economy (Creative FED) is the main body in Europe that advocates for the creative industries as a whole.


The European Federation for Creative Economy is a unique not for profit foundation leading on the advancement of the creative economy in Europe. It combines the powers of sectorial networks, key decision-makers, agencies, funders and intermediaries from across Europe in promoting the role of creatives, driving debates and pushing for new ideas, networks and policy initiatives in support of the ever-growing field of creative production.

Our mission is to help the creative economy thrive for the benefit of novel solutions, visionary ventures and responsible value creation. The Creative FED champions Europe as a powerhouse of creativity and provide a platform for new thinking, exchange and discussion.


The Creative FED aims to build a greener, more digital, and resilient Europe, challenging traditional approaches to cultural and creative production. We believe that the Cultural and Creative Sectors and Industries (CCSI) have the potential to become a critical force in delivering the European Green Deal and transitioning into a low-carbon, regenerative, and just society. The digital revolution, spatial revolution, and skills revolution of the CCSI offer enormous potential for new businesses, jobs, and economic growth, but also require a different mindset from entrepreneurs and society to adapt to changing conditions.

The Creative FED aims to provide clear guidance and possible courses of action for the CCSI to leverage their transformative power in pursuit of a more sustainable, inclusive, and imaginative Europe. We the FED suggest that the CCSI could be a seedbed for new thinking and acting, a laboratory for transitioning into a more sustainable future, and a powerful agent in the advancement of knowledge around the creative economy. Political initiatives such as the Media and Audiovisual Action Plan, the Digital Single Market, and the European AI Alliance, as well as EU policies and programs related to the skills revolution, offer support for the CCSI to achieve their goals.


1COMMISSION STAFF WORKING DOCUMENT Annual Single Market Report 2021, accompanying the Communication from the Commission to the European Parliament, the Council, the European Economic and Social Committee and the Committee of the Regions ‘Updating the 2020 New Industrial Strategy: Building a Stronger Single Market for Europe’s Recovery’, May 2021



MBE Caroline Norbury



Michal Hladky

Co-Chair, EU-Funding


Mehjabeen Price



Gerin Trautenberger

Managing Director


Egbert Rühl

Board Member


Kai Huotari

Board Member


Gerbrand Bas

Board Member


Berthold Henning

Board Member


Maarten Quaghebeur

Board Member


Edvin Korver

Board Member


Olaf Kranz

Board Member

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