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The Creative FED, as a non-profit advocacy umbrella organization for the European Creative Industries and Sectors Ecosystem, is always looking to expand its supporting membership base. We believe that a strong and diverse participation is essential to effectively advocate for the interests and concerns of the Cultural and Creative Industries (CCIs) at local, regional, national, and international levels.

Therefore, we specifically target leading agencies, hubs, centers, or intermediaries that are actively fostering the development and growth of the CCIs. We believe that these organizations play a critical role in promoting and supporting the creative economy, and we want to work closely with them to achieve our common goals.

In addition, we also welcome researchers and universities with scientific competences, projects, or initiatives in the CCIs. We believe that research and innovation are essential components of the CCIs, and we are committed to supporting and collaborating with researchers and universities in this field.

By becoming a member of the Creative FED, you can join a vibrant community of professionals, experts, and advocates who share a passion for the CCIs. You will have access to a range of resources, networks, and opportunities that can help you and your organization to thrive and succeed in the creative economy.

Registered Partner

No Fee

Goal: Information/Orientation: This stage is aimed at anyone who would like to find out more about the Creative FED.


  • THE FED update
  • Webpage
  • Social Media information

Institutional Partner


per year

Goal: Participation in activities is the entry level for companies, institutions and organisations.

- Newsletter
- MEX: Supporters Meeting
- European Project Pitching
- Funding/Application Service
- European Creative Industries Summit


  • Free Study Tour tickets - with one free
  • ECBN-Ticket
  • European Creative Industries Summit - one free participation (worth 250 €)

Supporting Partner


per year

Goal: The shaping of the Creative FED, this level is for all organisations that want to help foster the ECB network.

All perks like Institutional Supporters
- Active Role in ECIS: moderator or host a workshop/world cafe
- Active Role on Fairs and Festivals, send selected entrepreneurs,


  • Study Tour - with two free ECBN-Tickets
  • European Creative Industries Summit - three free ECBN-Tickets

Contributing Partner


per year

Goal: Contribution to Creative FE, this level is for organisations that want to support the ECBNetwork.

All perks like Supporters
- Active Role in meetings with EP and EU-Commissions
- Making Recommendations and Declarations
- Active Role in ECIS as welcome or keynote speaker


  • Study Tour - with two free ECBN-Tickets )
  • European Creative Industries Summit - five free ECBN-Tickets

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